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Why do you want to take over a company? Do you have the qualities of an entrepreneur? Of a manager?

As a first step, clarify the reasons that motivate your choice to become an entrepreneur.

Answer the questionnaire below. Note that there are no right answers or magic numbers that would indicate readiness or ability. What is important in this exercise is the time you take to think about each question. It is about clearly understanding what is motivating you in this venture.

It is not enough to simply ask yourself what makes you want to be an entrepreneur. You should also question your aptitude for entrepreneurship. Do you have previous experience? Will you have the patience necessary to succeed? Will you know how to be a good leader? Of course there are qualities that might develop with time and experience. It is also possible that you are going into this with partners. The important thing is to know one’s strengths and weaknesses.

Before moving forward, take into account your current situation – professional and familial – and evaluate the risks that this life and career change represents for you. For example, the consequences on your financial situation should be seriously considered.

Finally, you should have an aptitude for management. What do you know about management? Do you already have some experience? If your knowledge and previous experience are very limited, will you have the patience to devote the necessary time to overcome this shortfall before going into the venture?

Questionnaire on the reasons motivating you to become an entrepreneur

Which of the following are your reasons, and with what intensity are they motivational?

(0 - Not at all : 5 - Strong motivation).

  0 1 2 3 4 5
I want to be my own boss.
I like to have elbow room and to be autonomous.
I am a determined person and I am adventurous.
I see it as a way to realize my full potential.
I have always dreamed of having my own business.
I want to create something of my own.
I have some capital to invest.
I would like to work hard, make some money, and reap the rewards.
I do not see why I would start at zero.
I prefer to build on something existing than to create something from scratch.
I see it as an opportunity to make a name for myself.
I have experience working in a team and I would like to create my own team.
I have skills and professional know-how that are clearly under-utilized in my current situation.
I am at the right age and the conditions are right for a career change.
There is no job that corresponds to what I would like to do.
This company needs to grow and I can help it reach its potential.
I do not have a job and I decided to take the risk.
I would like to keep these jobs in my region.
I want to grow this company, and then sell it at a good price as a way to build a comfortable retirement.
I would like to leave a nice inheritance to my children.
I am ready to work hard.
I can gather, analyse, and synthesize information into something solid on which I can base my decisions.
I am not afraid of risk.
I can manage my stress.
Other reasons?
Total Score